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Then, when we sailed through the southern Caribbean two years ago click here and commented on how unbelievably beautiful the BVIs short form of the British Virgin Islands were, my old love for the islands was rekindled. Already as we were preparing for our trip to Puerto Rico in March of this year click heremy eyes were drawn to the right side of the map.

Situated to the east of Puerto Rico and a little further east than their larger U. Just take the plunge!

Seize the day. A spontaneous side trip from Puerto Rico right into my childhood dream. Booking the domestic flight from Puerto Rico U. Territory to the U.

Virgin Islands St. Thomas was easy online. Affordable approximately USD round-trip and uncomplicated with a flight time of 35 minutes. After a night on St. Thomas, we took the ferry further into Paradise admittedly, while many people love St. Thomas, I was thrilled to leave the island again after about 10 hours because of the masses of cruise tourists due to the duty free shopping, etc.

The name alone gives me goose bumps. Snow-white beaches and water that is bluer than blue. For two lovely days, we explored the island in our Jeep convertible from Mahogany Rental. Admittedly, this is definitely not the place to take a low budget vacation — even the local supermarket charges the equivalent of 6 euros for a small canister of water.

Despite the fact that we were there in the middle of the tourist season in March, we had the hotel almost to ourselves at times, which was, of course, a pleasant perk. The adjoining restaurant serves upscale local cuisine with American portion sizes. Fewer people and an even better bay. Visitors are kindly tolerated and can find beautiful, secluded bays away from the other tourists and hotel guests. There is nothing better than letting the wind blow through your hair while you marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

After two splendid days on the island, it was time for us to say goodbye to Virgin Gorda. We traveled to Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands. Considerably rougher and steeper than Virgin Gorda, yet studded with beautiful beaches.


This is where the airport is. So, the most uncomplicated way to reach the island is to fly directly from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Beef Island, Tortola and avoid the entry and exit formalities on the ferries from St. A mountain stretches feet into the sky on this mini island that is a mere 19 km long. We booked a rental car in advance through Avis, but I would go with a local rental agency if I were to do it again.

Despite the chaotic organization, the bay is a dream. And learning how to surf in front of this backdrop is stunning. The course lasts about 1. Splurge on a night at the Long Bay Beach Club. The most beautiful beachfront accommodations for suitable, though not really reasonable prices. Great ambiance and beautifully renovated.

Dine at the in-house restaurant — incredibly delicious meals. Simple, functional фонбет как делать ставки с телефона with small rooms though the pictures promise a bit more! Still, perfectly adequate for us. To die for! Since you constantly have to switch back and forth between British and U. Although I have had the privilege of seeing many beautiful little islands, the British Virgin Islands are far ahead of the others in my book.

If you love beaches and the ocean, this is the place for you. And despite the fact that the BVIs are in the Caribbean, they are situated above the hurricane belt and none of the locals we encountered could remember ever battling a storm. If you fly 9 hours from Frankfurt to Puerto Rico for example, with Condor and then take a direct flight to Beef Island, Tortola, you can be in Paradise in about 10 hours.

But it might surprise you to learn that I am quite taken by flying. I love airports, with the typical scent of air travel wafting through the air and people waiting impatiently for their vacations to begin, and I could spend my days watching airplanes taking off and landing.

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I hate picking people up from the airport and having the smell of kerosene tickle my nose and a yearning to travel in my gut, but not being able to go on board. I flew a lot while growing up and am more familiar with the nearby airports than the train stations.

As an airline kid, I loved it when my mother, rushing home for lunch, decided to grab the leftover aluminum trays with little foil covers for us to enjoy at home. Not knowing what was hiding under the foil cover and then using the plastic silverware to dig in while sitting at the dining room table was as exciting to me as a trip to the Golden Arches is to other kids. And on really good days, I could wash it all down with airplane orange juice from a little yogurt-like cup. Unfortunately, those days are gone and my lunches today are usually comprised of sandwiches instead of airplane cuisine.

Because of my nostalgia as well as my enthusiasm for how good the service in the air often is, it just may happen that I pull out my camera when I am in an airplane to photograph the food in front of me so that I can recreate it at home.

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